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Perfectly cast with a great use of technology, 'Fourthcoming' is a must-see – and potentially an excellent first date!

Starring Johnny Balbuziente and Cece Peters, the shake & stir production is post-lockdown entertainment at its best. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s comic relief – with emphasis on the relief after a hard couple of years. 'Fourthcoming' is the perfect way to get back to the stage.

Centred on Gwen’s (Peters) hunt for a sober tryst, 'Fourthcoming' follows her to meet four potential sexy-time partners, with truly hilarious results. Balbuziente plays all male parts, and then some. Each character is completely unique (Franco!!!), with Balbuziente’s acting chops on full display. He was an inspired casting choice, as the audience completely fell in love with him.

Peters was equally magnetic and engaging, and real. Gwen is not perfect: first of all, she talks to an imagined audience non-stop, which is kind of a red flag. This is key, though, to the premise, this play is about a woman’s quest for sex, and satisfaction. This is not about finding Mr Right or wanting babies – this is about finding the Big O. The fun, cool, laugh-out-loud funny stories about women and their sex drive are few and far between, and Peters is perfect.

Then, there’s the gimmick. The choose-your-own adventure hook where audiences can pick what happens. The choices don’t determine too many key points, but they’re fun and again very engaging. It’s an interesting spin, and the fact that the play’s success doesn’t hang on the tech is good – it’s an added bonus, a fun cherry, rather than a key ingredient. That’s not the only tech point that works well: Gwen’s main sidekick is Siri, and other characters, such as waiters, use TV screens to come to life. Potential dates are also introduced via screen, rather like looking at Tinder, which of course is exactly the point. 'Fourthcoming' shows exactly how the use of tech can add to and enhance a viewing experience, rather than using fancy stuff just because you can.

In general, the play had a real party vibe. The audience got super involved, which made everything so much more fun. Balbuziente's involvement in 'Married At First Sight' certainly contributed to the enthusiasm and familiarity many audience members seemed to feel. If you do head along, don’t Google him first! Or, read the programme. It could detract a little from a super great play, depending on your taste in reality television.

'Fourthcoming' is great. There’s no other word for it.

'Fourthcoming' plays Queensland Performing Arts Centre until 7 November.

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