First Name Unknown: Open Letter From Apriori Projects Before Adelaide Fringe

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'First Name Unknown' 'First Name Unknown'

When Apriori Projects came across the dialogue for 'First Name Unknown' they felt compelled to translate and present the story.

They'll be performing it at Adelaide Fringe, and have penned an open letter before taking to the stage.

“As artists we have a choice, we can be comfortable with the societies we inhabit, or we cannot.

We are witnessing the final struggle of systems that have benefitted and protected the powerful for generations. Warlords. Colonisers. Dudes who wear cargo shorts. We’re not comfortable with any of it.

The play is driven by a sincere desire to contribute to the downfall of these systems in the most Australian way we can think of. Taking the absolute piss.

Using only the whitest of white theatre tropes: we present to you our adaptation of the classic Greek play into Quasi-Modernist claptrap.

Appropriating the basic plot of 'The Bacchae' for a modern day offshore detention centre was a natural fit:
1) the arrival of a mysterious stranger
2) unfamiliar religions
3) wanton celebration of women’s autonomy.

It all melds into a sort of “conservative trifecta of fear”. Using found text and interviews with a pinch of ironic license, this is our take on colonial fragility, the patriarchy and the state of the world at large.

It’s been four years since our last venture to Fringe and we hope you can bring a tissue, the show does contain male tears.

We acknowledge that the land upon which we will perform is the traditional lands of the Kaurna People and we respect their spiritual relationship with their country.”

'First Name Unknown' plays Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre from 12-24 February.



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