Faulty Towers And Confetti & Chaos – Monique Lewis Reynolds On The Unpredictability Of Immersive Theatre

'Confetti & Chaos' and 'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience'
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You’re invited! Interactive Theatre International takes audiences on a two-hour, all-engaging comedic dining experience full of 'Faulty' etiquette, a helping of 'Confetti & Chaos', and off-script surprises which will have audiences spitting out their three course meals in fits of laughter.

After having toured worldwide for 27 years, including a highly successful 12-year West End residency in London, the longest running, immersive production which is 'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience' is returning for their 17th year at Adelaide Fringe along with a wedding reception invite to the second year of their newer show, 'Confetti & Chaos'.

Monique Lewis Reynolds plays the role of Sybil in 'Faulty Towers', and is part of the original cast of 'Confetti & Chaos', playing Lyn and Mel.

“'Faulty Towers' is 70 per cent improvised which is pretty astounding, so we have a script that we work around but that’s a huge amount that we have to be completely inside and out for our characters, because you never know what someone is going to say to you or what’s going to happen,” Monique says. “So you really need to be immersed in your character from the absolute get go, because it’s quite astounding how people will come up with something and you’ll have absolutely no idea what they’re going to say to you!”

Faulty Towers
'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience'

Monique has an extensive background, originating from classical opera to some of Australia’s biggest musical theatre productions, releasing her own album, Indivinity, 'The Dream' – which is still being sold in more than ten countries – and producing and touring comedy shows.

The calibre of combined talent in these actors brings something unique to the shows. On speaking with her about her own character analysis, Monique makes the point of saying the audience is the fourth and most important character in the shows, and because of that, no two shows are the same.

With her love for the show prior to playing the role and all her research, she’s watched 'Fawlty Towers' so many times and says that in every episode, she finds something different. Often, the audiences say the same, which is a real compliment to honouring the original, 12-episode production.

Then there's the craziness of the much newer production, 'Confetti & Chaos' – a wedding reception everyone's invited to, but it may be the worst one you ever attend.

Confetti And Chaos
'Confetti & Chaos'

“'Confetti & Chaos' is basically this crazy wedding reception which goes sort of horribly wrong as it goes along,” Monique describes. “It’s one of those weddings that you’d go to and somebody’s strange family member turns up that you didn’t expect, or one of the characters in the show goes a little off-script and gets a little messy.”

“The audience comes along as part of the guest list and we take them on this crazy, chaotic ride for a couple hours at Will and Stacey’s big surprise. The bride and groom don’t know the wedding is happening until they turn up.”

The shows collectively run over the entirety of Fringe season, doing an accumulative three weeks. Come in your hats and suits or your Sunday best for a dinner party, and play your part.

'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience' plays Botanical Room at The Terrace Hotel Adelaide 16 February-10 March, and 'Confetti & Chaos' plays Kimba Town Institute Hall 2 March and Adelaide Room at Adelaide Royal Coach 5-10 March (Adelaide Fringe).

Words: Kara White

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