Fatale Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival 2018

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In a fiery show of seduction, Wonderland Festival’s ‘Fatale’ left audiences feeling hot.

Performed by Brisbane beauty and sassy showgirl, Jacqueline Furey, the risqué burlesque act embraced old glamour and took audiences on a wild ride.

Setting the mood from the beginning, Jacqueline teased, stripped, heckled and wowed onlookers. In her first ever full-length production, she held her own while conquering many death-defying tricks.

Leaving audiences truly captivated, ‘Fatale’ was filled with stunts rarely seen in our time.  There was sword swallowing, whip cracking, fire eating and glass biting – quite literally, something for everyone to sink their teeth into.  

Inspired by the beautiful and bizarre, Jacqueline tantalised and seduced as she sashayed her way through scandalous segments. Oozing appeal, she donned many glamourous outfits that showed off her stunning physique. Over the course of the evening, costumes changed and reduced, until Jacqueline revealed all in a traditional burlesque feather fan routine. Her elegance had audiences gagging for more.
‘Fatale’ cleverly combined illusion and burlesque to create fascination and intrigue. Putting her body on the line to deliver routines, Jacqueline mastered a new kind of showgirl. While sex sells, so do acts that some have never seen before. The art of the two ensured there was entertainment for everyone in her cunning routines.

The night encouraged audience participation and motivated its crowd to become invested within the content. It wasn’t until the end of the production that we realised this significance.

Not only were Jacqueline’s moves set to a powerful feminist soundtrack, but the show conveyed a serious take-home message. Testing the notions of fear behind fatal tricks, ‘Fatale’ made an important political point.

Although entertaining stunts like sword swallowing are deemed dangerous, nowadays women are more likely to be harmed in acts of domestic violence. It was really something that resonated with many supporters in the audience.

Aside from a few opening night issues where cues felt clunky, Jacqueline was quick to quip mistakes before anyone else could. Her tongue-in-cheek commentary made her likeable and entertaining to watch. Her jokes, which were filled with endless amounts of innuendo, landed with a very responsive crowd.

Jacqueline Furey is a force to be reckoned with. If looks could kill, she would have you tricked and whipped in her wicked games.

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