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'Orpheus And Eurydice' is a theatrical masterpiece that is often considered to be one of the most notable love stories that explores heartbreak, loss, grief and the power of love.

Christoph Gluck’s influential and famous piece will be performed at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts with the support of the unique companies Blue Roo and Opera Queensland.

Blue Roo is a Brisbane theatre company that focuses on and celebrates talented performers who are living with varying disabilities that by no means ever hinder their performance abilities. 

Emma Gordon-Smith is a triple threat within the company and will be a member of the ensemble for this dynamic and powerful piece. She has taken time to explain what excites her about this piece and the future of disability in theatre.

'Orpheus And Eurydice' is one of Gluck’s most famous and influential theatre pieces, that has been done many times over. What are you looking forward to most about showing the audiences this version?
The different roles we all play. The costumes and the setting and singing. I love singing.

What initially drew you to wanting to be a part of the ensemble for this piece?
I am happy to be involved in any play. It is great to do something different too.

Blue Roo Orpheus
This piece reunites Blue Roo with members of Opera Queensland and the Judith Wright Centre. What are you most excited about in regards to working with them again?
I just love working with members of Opera Queensland. They teach us so much – how to use our voices and to have fun with them too. It is my dream to be an Opera singer as well now.

Are there any aspects of this piece that were challenging for you personally?
No not really, I just love acting.

Describe the working relationship between the cast and the artistic directors.
We have a great time learning together. They teach us so many things too.

This piece explores strong feelings of love and loss; what’s your own process like for tapping into those feelings?
Well, I find it natural to do this. I was very sad when we lost our friend Jamie Carrigan so I understand about losing someone who is close to me. I am a loving person too.

Blue Roo is a fantastic and unique company that utilises diverse performers that live with different levels of ability. Do you think diversity is becoming more acceptable in theatre and artistic outlets?
Yes, it is a good thing to see more people like me do acting. My family and friends love to come and watch us perform too.

Jamie c Clark C(L-R) Jamie Carrigan and Clark Crystal.

Where do you see the future of disability in theatre? Do you think it’ll become more prevalent?
Yes. We enjoy what we do and we are good at it.

On a more personal note, you are the 2016 recipient of the Jamie Carrigan Award. What is the purpose of this award, and how did it feel to receive it?
Jamie Carrigan was an actor with Blue Roo Theatre Company and he was our friend. We miss him. I was deeply blessed to get this award. I was very shocked when I was told I won it. My friend Nikela was married to Jamie too, so it is very special to me.

Lastly, the piece revolves around the idea of the power of love, what are your thoughts on that concept?
Well, I am very loved and I love others too.

'Orpheus And Eurydice' plays at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 1-3 December.


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