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  • Tuesday, 01 September 2020 14:26
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'Echo' 'Echo' Image © David Kelly

It was a fantastic return of performances to QPAC post-COVID closures with such a robust dance composition from the Australasian Dance Collective Youth Ensemble.

Artistic Director Amy Hollingsworth and acclaimed choreographers, Rhiannon McLean and Michael Smith have come together to bring the premiere performance of ‘Echo’ to the stage at the much-loved Cremorne Theatre.

'Echo' is an inspiring, innovative and empowered dance work performed by 30 emerging and talented young dancers ranging in age from 15-18 years. A combination of recorded and live performance pieces contrasted brilliantly and evoked notions of past and future dreams.

The use of smoke machines enhanced the title projections and lighting, sculpting layers of light into the stage both within the projections and dance sections.

DavidKelly Echo 3
Image © David Kelly

The brutalist urban transitions of the first section of projected video solo performances contrasted with the smooth transitions of the splendid live performances.

Pertinent to the COVID closures the solo projections, embedded within them the deeper stratigraphy of the individual experiences and art practices.

A small number of the projected solos had, at times, a blisteringly loud volume that could have benefitted with minor adjustment. But this did not detract from the strength of their work.

DavidKelly Echo 2
Image © David Kelly

The music compositions and costumes carried the live performance without distracting from the skilled and complex choreography. The fluid movements together with transverse lighting, energy and seemingly effortless moves enhanced this compelling production.

The passion and dedication shown by these young dancers was impressive. It was easy to feel the raw emotion, fragility and anxiety that these artists experienced during the closures and it was expressed loudly and clearly in their dance performances. Hope, perseverance and strength was the overarching theme here.

'Echo' and these brave young dancers leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Do yourself a favour and go see the forthcoming season of the Australasian Dance Collective in 2021. You will not be disappointed.



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