Dream Girl – A Story Of Real Love Resonating For All At Fringe World

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'Dream Girl' 'Dream Girl'

The Red Velvet Effect is returning to Fringe World after debuting in 2016 with 'Eyes To The Floor'. In 2021, they will present 'Dream Girl'.

'Dream Girl' is the story of two girls, a couple, who have felt the stress and strain of hiding their relationship and must handle the bullying and humiliation that so many young people face when everything is just outside of 'the norm'.

Jess and Belinda's story is a story sure to resonate with audiences from all backgrounds, and is especially close to the hearts of those who are presenting the show.

“This story is personal to me, and why I don’t mind wearing many hats to share it with the world,” Producer, Director and Co-Writer Cassee Lazic says. “Love is not just between two people. It changes the dynamic in a society, big or small, and this show explores that.”

Writer and Co-Director Luke Heath believes the story deserved to have a platform.

“I started writing this show because I felt like the story of Belinda and Jess needed to be told,” he explains. “There are more people like Jess and Belinda in this world without a voice and we are giving a voice to the voiceless.”

With same-sex marriage now law of the land in Australia and in many countries throughout the world, the perception of the queer community is ever-changing for the better.

Liv Richardson, who plays Belinda, says 'Dream Girl' is a production suitable for people both outside of and within the LGBTQIA+ community.

“It’s a show with many important themes and elements: exploring sexuality, consent, harassment, bullying, acceptance, non-acceptance, and more! All while moving through the awkwardness and hardships of being a gay teenage girl,” Liv says. “'Dream Girl' is a show for everyone! It will leave you feeling inspired to live your life vibrantly, no matter what anyone else thinks. . . To be fearless, and authentically unapologetically yourself.”

“I feel it addresses especially important topics about coming out and consent,” Actress in the show Ivette Kuijpers adds. “It is a relatable story told with emotion, drama and a bit of humour thrown in!”

Actor Nigel Goodwin sums it up by voicing one of his main goals for the show: “I hope our audiences will enjoy following the characters on their journey as much as we are enjoying the ride!”

'Dream Girl' plays The Auditorium at Don Russell Performing Arts Centre 16-17 January and The Sewing Room 20 and 27-28 January.



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