Dots + Loops @ QAGOMA Review

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  • Tuesday, 05 July 2016 09:38
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Dots + Loops @ QAGOMA Dots + Loops @ QAGOMA

Dots + Loops describe themselves as "a Brisbane-based post-genre concert series and music collective, exploring the space in between a traditional classical concert, and a club or rock gig".

At their show, that meant two live pieces following a DJ set in the stunning surroundings of the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, with the city as the backdrop. A feast for the senses.

The first piece was the world premiere of 'Fibreglass Forest', a composition by Chris Perrin, a member of the collective. It featured string instruments, piano, synth and drum kit and created a dense envelope of soothing sound. The glissando style was very striking, moving the audience around the rich harmonies. However a little more dynamic variation and more sparing use of the drum kit might have increased the sense of purpose; but overall it was extremely enjoyable to listen to and was a perfect entré.

The second piece was Max Richter's 'Vivaldi Recomposed', an amazing piece that takes the famous (many would say over-played) classical piece 'The Four Seasons' and retells it in a modern idiom. Richter's motive was to breathe new life into a remarkable but hackneyed piece and the result is impressive. Themes that everyone has heard surface repeatedly, sometimes teased out in new renderings, sometimes stated boldly in old or new formats. The whole is woven together so that the harmony bridges us between ideas or combines originally separate themes. Like the original, 'Vivaldi Recomposed' is led by a solo violin.

Brisbane-born and trained Kyla Matsuura-Miller gave a stunning performance, not only playing with poise and drama as the soloist, but visibly leading the band to mesmerising synchronicity. She was given excellent support by Patrick Murphy, cellist, in their "duet" sections. Credit also goes to Murphy (he was also the musical director) and the whole group for the precision with which they responded to the soloist's focus. There were several moments where irrepressible delight broke out from the tight rhythms and lush harmonies onto the faces of performers and audience alike.

A fantastic show, and a formidable performance group to look out for.




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