DOOMSday Disko Says Farewell To Brisbane Venue New Globe Theatre

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DOOMSday Disko farewelled Brisbane venue New Globe Theatre (24 April). DOOMSday Disko farewelled Brisbane venue New Globe Theatre (24 April).

Reclining on an old rocking chair, the view of the brightly-lit stage of the DOOMSday Disko is perfect, the cabaret a decadent homage to the golden times of Velvet Helmet.

Raising a glass to the memory of New Globe Theatre (24 April) in its final week before it closes its doors, the packed-out Brisbane venue is wild, dystopian and disorderly in the best kind of way.

The memory of laughter, good times and exposed skin is brought back to life in this apocalyptic party hosted by Moment of Inertia that’ll go down in history as one of the best shows the New Globe Theatre ever held.

With MC Caitlin Strongarm taking the reins, viewers were treated to 11 acts, including The Viola Cloning Project, Miss Ellen Grow, The Chance Collective, Shadow of Obscurity, Kelsey & Sheldon, Angela Peita, Moonstone Maidens, Rachel Gibson, Switch Hit, Bianca Mackail and Coco Jade.

From wonderful feats of strength to a chat about a vibrator, from a moving show of vocal talent and acrobatic expertise, to a bizarre yet evocative performance in gimp masks, from a song about the peculiarities of sex to a poem that captured the broken hearts of the audience, from a deliciously devilish cabaret to a raunchy sex-cam show, from a hula-hoop act that defied all laws of gravity to a finale of glitter and glass, the talent was immense and packed-full of creativity, full of raucous laughter and genuine love of performance art.

Cabaret itself is a fine art and the New Globe Theatre the perfect place to house such extraordinary creatives.

The rugged send-off brought creatives of all kinds, from people who had never heard of Moment of Inertia or Velvet Helmet and those who had been with them from the beginning. And within all the frivolity, MC Caitlin reminded everyone just how special the New Globe is to people, and the memories shared, the moments of pure joy.

Gracing the stage in several quirky outfits, MC Caitlin showcased her own bizarre and fun-filled act armed only with a clown nose and a weird and wonderful accent, telling a passionate story that moved audiences and made them laugh until their sides split.

The lovely MC gushed with verbosity, reminding us why we all love cabaret in the first place. Just like Dorothy says there’s no place like home, there’s no place like the New Globe Theatre. No other venue explodes with evocative arts in such a passionate and fun-filled way.

No other place nurtures talent, that encourages expression, that fulfils hopes and dreams of emerging artists the way New Globe does. Moreover, the DOOMSday Disko reminded us of that in its poignant farewell to a much-loved venue for all things creative.

One cannot forget the touching memory of Eloise Marie, a pioneer of all things creative, who started it all with Velvet Helmet, paving the way for productions like Moments of Inertia who keep her spirit alive.

To The New Globe Theatre – we thank you. We thank you for the memories, for the laughter, for the raunchiness, for the good times, good friends and good drinks.

Au revoir compadre! You have served us well.



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