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'Don Quixote' 'Don Quixote' Image © Darren Thomas

Gracing QPAC’s Lyric Theatre for only 12 days, the Teatro alla Scala have flown more than 16,000km to perform for the first time in Australia.

With its sparkling energy and the warm colours, Rudolf Nureyev’s 'Don Quixote' offers choreographic splendour, transporting audiences to a Spain alive with gypsy dances, fandangos, matadors and windmills. The show is the first of its kind in Australia, with the dancers being flown from Milan, and sets being shipped from China.

Following the tragic love story between Kitri and Basilio, 'Don Quixote' is dramatic, flirtatious, and humorous, taking the audience on a whirlwind adventure unlike anything that has been seen before. Along with the star-crossed lovers, the story also features Don Quixote and his squire, Sancho Panza, who are seen following the exhilaration of a life in knighthood. Throw in a wealthy duke, a relentless innkeeper, and a village of dancers who fandango their way through the three acts, 'Don Quixote' is stunning and extraordinary.

The elaborate set that 'Don Quixote' takes place on is worth more than just a mention. The life-sized windmills, and detail-oriented Spanish streets make for a elaborate backdrop for an even more colourful performance. The set complements the myriad of intricate stage props that are used throughout the performance, with everything from authentic castanets to a full set of knight armour. And of course, the show is made complete with the beautifully vibrant costumes that the cast of 16 showcase during their solo, pas de deux, and whole cast ensembles.

Image © Darren Thomas

In a flurry of reds, whites, and purples, the audience is transported back to a time in Spain when villagers danced through the streets and one could meet gypsies in a forests. 

Director, Rudolf Nureyev, has showcased his extraordinary talent in bringing some of Milan’s best to Brisbane for the debut of 'Don Quixote'. The raw talent of the dancers leaves no surprise that they’re some of the world’s top performers, which makes it even more special to have them in Brisbane for this short amount of time.

The show will also be simulcast to a selection of regional cities in Queensland, offering all Queenslanders an opportunity to be involved with the monumental series. Arts Minister Leanne Enoch announced the season by Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company at QPAC. “We’re very excited that the ballet it will be simulcast to Mt Isa and another regional venues,” she said. “Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company is one of the oldest and most renowned ballet companies in the world.”



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