DARKFIELD RADIO – Visitors Review

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DARKFIELD Radio returns to the airwaves with its new show ‘Visitors’ – the second instalment in its series of immersive, at-home listening experiences.

Presented by Realscape Productions in association with DARKFIELD, (the team behind the eerily entertaining shipping container experiences 'Séance', 'Flight' and 'Coma') ‘Visitors’ explores humanity’s obsession with connection and physical touch and what happens to the dead when they are denied them.

Set in a curious, at times unsettling world, ‘Visitors’ sees the listeners' homes and personal spaces invaded by the sudden arrival of two individuals who invite themselves in. At first these visitors – although strange – seem pleasant enough but as the show continues cracks begin to form, forcing the listener to question not only the visitors' intentions but also how safe they are in their own home.

Designed for two people, ‘Visitors’ can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room via the DARKFIELD Radio App and over-the-ear headphones are recommended to make the most of the show's impressive binaural sound technology – a trademark of all five DARKFIELD productions.

Like their live shows, ‘Visitors’ requires the audience to close their eyes for the duration of the broadcast and this combined with the show's haunting 3D sound technology creates a truly disorientating experience. Each whispered word and heavy footstep sounds like it's coming from all around you and without sight to guide you, your senses become heightened and imagination takes over (for better or worse). There are times when it feels (and sounds) as though someone is standing right behind you, whispering in your ear and there was a moment when I found myself flinching in my seat, convinced that an unseen hand was reaching out towards me.

‘Visitors’ features a cleverly crafted script filled with subtle suggestions designed to manipulate the listener's grasp on reality. On its own, the script sounds completely innocent; yet the two female performers deliver their lines in a subtly menacing tone, creating a disturbing juxtaposition between cheerfulness and fear which is deeply unsettling.

Unlike its predecessor, ‘Visitors’ asks the listener to move around during the show and while doing so adds to the fun of the experience; the atmosphere and overall tone of the performance remains the same regardless of the level of participation. If you do intend to move around I recommend preparing your listening space early to remove tripping hazards.

With its sharp script, brilliant delivery and entertaining mix of fear, discomfort and excitement, ‘Visitors’ is exactly the kind of chilling experience fans have come to expect from DARKFIELD.

‘Visitors’ begins broadcasting on 16 October and runs until the end of December 2020.

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