Dance Buena Vista Arrives In Melbourne For One-Night Only

Dance Buena Vista plays The Palms at Crown (Melbourne) 17 June.
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From the phenomenon of the Buena Vista Social Club comes Eric Turro Martinez, the king of Cuban dance.

A living legend of the Cuban international dance scene, Eric has brought Cuba's traditional dances to world touring with the biggest icons of Cuban music worldwide since 2004.

It was on the poor streets of the old Havana that the story of one of the greatest dancers of our era can be found.

Dance Buena Vista is the story of Eric's journey from a busking dancer on the streets of Havana to the prestigious Hotel National with the Buena Vista Social Club in Cuba.

Dance Buena Vista is a cocktail of Cuban music. Dancers and singers will make you feel the passion of Cuban music through every move and every note. It's a live show production that only a Cuban dancer and artistic director like Eric Turro Martinez could offer.

"Dance Buena Vista transports us to a world vastly different than our own, where flare was a must, where the ladies had to be won through finely tuned moves that would keep them by your side.

"The cigars were fine and the Havana of the '50s emerges from its long lived past."

You're know as 'the king' of Cuban dance. How does this title feel?
It makes me feel horned and proud to be embraced over and to recognise the hard work over the years by representing my country.

What can audiences expect in 'Dance Buena Vista'?
The audience can expect to see the attention of knowledge by the gift that comes with expectation.

What is it that makes Cuban dance so beautiful?
The expression and sexuality and joy that locals release from the daily grind.

When were you first drawn to it – what drew you to it?
I was drawn in to it at the age of nine years old. My family was the first who influenced me. My mother and grand par, they took me to every event to be a traditional dancer.

The show is also a bit of a history lesson. Can you tell us why?
It helps us to understand historical events that made things the way they are today.

Who is the show for?
The show is for all the Cuban music lovers that is open to world.

More broadly, why do you think dance is such a well-loved art form the world over?
Dance is such a well-loved art due to the expressive form of art, joy, love and sorrow and emotions – through dance people share and release these emotions.

What is one thing you'd like audiences to take away from this one-night-only experience?
Don't miss out on this amazing show. Come and see it at the Casino at The Palms.

Dance Buena Vista plays The Palms at Crown (Melbourne) 17 June.

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