Choose Art: A New Online Accessible Arts Directory For Artists With Disabilities

Choose Art is a new national arts directory for artists with disabilities.
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Choose Art, a new national arts directory, has gone live.

An initiative of Arts Access Victoria (AAV), Choose Art's vision is for the artistic ambitions and achievements of people with disability to be valued and visible in Australian culture.

It will mean art-making opportunities, skill-building, and the discovery of accessible arts and cultural events will all be made easier and more succinct.

Users of Choose Art can search for inclusive and accessible arts programmes, opportunities, and events by location, art form, access, and more.

“The new Choose Art directory is an innovative service which delivers greater engagement in Australia’s vibrant arts and culture scene by providing easily searchable listings of inclusive and accessible arts programmes and events," The Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts says. "It is important for our arts and culture bodies to be inclusive when designing programmes and events so everyone can take part.”

AAV has partnered with its counterpart organisations in every state and territory for this initiative.

Choose Art will support the arts and cultural sector to establish accessibility benchmarks and demonstrate where accessible art is clustered across Australia.

Click here to check out the website.

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