Checkmate Chatswood Presents Chess On A Grand Scale

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Chess is taking over Chatswood (Sydney).

Coinciding with Sydney Comedy Festival, Checkmate Chatswood is all about chess this April-May. Visitors can grab a selfie with the supersized inflatable chess pieces dotted around the CBD, learn killer strategies at chess workshops, or test their skills in a tournament.

You can also enjoy a chess display where a champion will take on multiple players at once. Compete with friends in giant chess, or compete with a champion!

“We are thrilled to be welcoming chess back to Chatswood. Chess has more than 100 years of history in Chatswood,” Mayor Tanya Taylor says. “The Chatswood Chess Club (now called Norths Chess Club) has been operating since 1908. The earliest venue was the School of Arts on Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, now the site of The Concourse. It is exhilarating to be bringing the game back to the area. There is something for everyone, whether you play or not!”

The chess sculptures were created by Amigo & Amigo, a Sydney-based artist studio with an extensive background in sculpture and industrial design. Their work has been featured internationally throughout Asia, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East.


“Chess is a universal symbol of play, as a collective we strive to create public artworks that transcend culture and language allowing people from different backgrounds to connect and engage with the work,” Amigo & Amigo say. “Chess is one of the few games which can be picked up and played anywhere in the world, it is a poetic game that uses beautifully crafted ‘mini sculptures’ each with their own set of rules and movements.”

“We love how this game requires focus and intellect, how it can be played between two people of different ages and no common language. To take this iconic symbol and supersize it, we hope to bring an element of wonder and joy to the public as they explore our gigantic chess set. In two moves, one side could be in checkmate, which one is it?

“The form of the chess pieces itself is inspired by the 20th Century Bauhaus movement, this is a significant movement as it is considered the shift in history where arts and modernism came together. As our studio is a group of artists and designers who are passionate about modern art, this is a moment in design history we are inspired by and want to pay homage to.”

There’s plenty to see and do as part of Checkmate Chatswood. Global Gambits And Playful Revisions, at Art Space on The Concourse, delves into the role of play and games, in navigating life’s challenges. There’s gaming guitars, racing cars and toy soldiers. Plus, you can challenge a chess master, or participate in the NSW Chess Association’s Allegro Tournament, in seven 30-minute rounds. There are prizes to be won!

Game on!

Checkmate Chatswood is on from 22 April to 19 May.

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