By A Thread Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2020

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'By A Thread' 'By A Thread'

Singlets, jeans and cotton weave have never looked so classy.

One Fell Swoop Circus presents their ensemble circus creation ‘By A Thread’ at Adelaide Fringe for a final year, and it is utterly endearing.

‘Seamless’ is a word probably overused in reviews – it almost went into this paragraph – but when the whole premise of a piece is about the thread perhaps it’s better described as expertly and immaculately stitched, like a gently-hung suit by a revered tailor who lives at the top of a pristine Italian village up a mossy cobblestone path.

With captivating grace, and exceptionally steady strength, the ensemble weave connections and independence as they dance out the human condition.

‘By A Thread’ explores the relationship of trust, risk and play, just as it says on the packet. At one point they each call out their intention on the apparatus – climbing, basing, helping – and it’s a completely adorable, laugh-out-loud interaction.

“Swing me your bones, come settle down,” are the ‘Technicolour Beat’ lyrics cooed by Oh Wonder as a high tension, full impact but delicately careful aerial romance weaves around the rope.

It has a soundtrack for a lullaby but the sound is faultlessly designed by Lee Stout to support but not distract from the threadwork ravelling on stage – as intricately fascinating as the verb itself.

A masterpiece for bobbins of all ages.


'By A Thread' plays The Peacock At Gluttony until 15 March.



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