Broadway Smash Hit Rent To Tour Australia In 2024

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The multi Tony Award-winning Jonathan Larson rock musical ‘Rent’ is embarking on a national tour in 2024.

Step into the vibrant streets of New York City’s East Village, where dreams are born, friendships are tested, and the power of love prevails. . . Against all odds.

‘Rent’ features the iconic songs ‘Seasons Of Love’, ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’, and ‘La Vie Boheme’. It’s a celebration of life, love, and the human spirit.

“With ‘Rent’, Jonathan Larson unleashed a phenomenon – it would be difficult to find someone who hasn't at least heard of it,” Producer Lauren Peters says.

“‘Rent’ is the musical of the 1990s and the early-aughts but it has proved itself timeless. The characters who live in the East Village of 1990s New York navigate that which resonates so deeply with us in Australia in 2024: cost of living pressures, the threat of preventable disease, the subtle feeling that all the ways in which we can now communicate belie our disconnection.

“And all of this sounds terribly heavy but ‘Rent’ somehow takes all this and turns it into a joyous celebration of connection, chosen family, and life itself – and it's that joy in the face of all of life's adversity and opportunity that is perhaps best captured in its iconic number ‘Seasons Of Love’, a song which has achieved the rarest of Broadway feats and transcended the show for which it was written.”

‘Rent’ opened off-Broadway in 1996, quickly becoming a global phenomenon. It earned multiple Tony Awards, along with a Pulitzer Prize for Drama – something that didn’t happen again for musical theatre until 14 years later.

Jonathan Larson passed away in the early hours of the day the show opened to the public. Its longevity serves as a testament to the emotional resonance of his creation, and an embodiment of its message: “No day but today”.

Rent 2024 Australia Tour Dates

27 January-11 February – Queensland Performing Arts Centre
17 February-7 March – Arts Centre Melbourne
15-17 March – Civic Theatre (Newcastle)
11-26 May – His Majesty’s Theatre (Perth)
7-16 June – Canberra Theatre

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