Briefs International Air Some Dirty Laundry At Redland Performing Arts Centre

'Dirty Laundry' 'Dirty Laundry'

It’s risqué, gender-bending and naughty. . . The boys of Briefs International present their party cabaret ‘Dirty Laundry’.

Playing Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) (Queensland), the show features a cast of stellar performers with a host of talent and attitude. Whether you’re looking to be intoxicated by unbelievable physicality or flustered by sexy stunts, ‘Dirty Laundry’ has it all plus more.

The show is a glittering addition to the company’s ten years of sold-out festival appearances. It’s part of Redland Performing Arts Centre’s reboot post-lockdowns and restrictions.

Here, we spoke to the show’s leader Fez Faanana aka Shivanana about just what audiences can expect to see in this gloriously raucous trash glamour disco.

Give us some sneaky insight into the show’s theme and what audiences can expect.
Our new production is ‘Dirty Laundry’. It consists of our biggest cast yet and in true Briefs style we bring our signature flavour of circus, drag, burlesque, dance and comedy. The audience can expect super high skilled circus and dance, next level drag, and a touch of sideshow and fire. And of course our raffle! We all have some ‘Dirty Laundry’ to air right?

What are you looking forward to about presenting the show at RPAC?
We are ecstatic to be bringing our show to Redlands. We always love new audiences and venturing into theatres we haven’t played.

Dirty Laundry CeciliaMartin 1
Image © Cecilia Martin

The theatre recently celebrated a reboot in shows. What does it mean to you to have Briefs included in this?
We are very excited about being a part of the new programme. It’s a great reflection of local artists, a very eclectic mix with a show for everyone. We also had a ball being involved in the video promo for RPAC.

Further to this, what is the most exciting thing about being able to present shows on stages again?
We love what we do and have travelled the globe entertaining. We have a responsibility as artists to engage with the public via the stage and present sophisticated work that reflects the times.

Why do you think the arts is such a powerful and important part of society?
In these times society needs to be entertained! People need laughter and to feel included. It’s an integral part of society, it always has been and will continue to be.

Dirty Laundry CeciliaMartin 8
Image © Cecilia Martin

If you like ______, you’ll love ‘Dirty Laundry’.
Pure, cheeky, high-skilled entertainment.

As the leader of a show like this, what’s your number one goal when presenting it?
To entertain, undo the seatbelts in the theatre and to present an extremely diverse mix of artists.

How would you describe the ideal audience member for this show?
We pride ourselves on having an extremely mixed audience. People from all walks of life can enter our world, escape and leave uplifted and with sore stomach muscles!

‘Dirty Laundry’ plays Redland Performing Arts Centre 29-30 October.



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