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The Judith Wright Centre goes bohemian this June with the new play 'Salon'. Inspired by the decadent soirees of artists and aristocrats in days gone by, the play showcases all things daring and debauched.

Led by the vocals of live art-pop performers Michelle Xen and the Neon Wild, and advertised as a must-see for fans of the exotic, erotic, sublime and exquisite, Salon brings together seven of Brisbane's best physical performers in a blend of circus cabaret. “I wanted to curate a diverse cast of Brisbane artists to create characters that reveal a little about the Salōn and also provide a platform to showcase their own skills, including acrobatics, ballet and pole dancing” says creator Timothy Brown. “Through an appreciation of each artist’s talents, artforms and unique approaches to live performance, we have created quite the spectacle.”

Salon runs from June 22-29 at the Judith Wright Centre.

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