Blanc De Blanc Encore Brisbane Review @ Twilight Electric

'Blanc de Blanc Encore' 'Blanc de Blanc Encore' Image © Prudence Upton

A scintillating smorgasbord of wonders await through the doors of the Spiegeltent, as you enter the world of 'Blanc De Blanc Encore', as part of Brisbane Festival's early event programme.

This production from Strut & Fret is sheer delight – a variety show packed with laughs, things that make you go “oooh”, and moments that make your heart skip a beat. Set in the pop-up playground Twilight Electric, 'Blanc De Blanc Encore' inspires feelings of fantasy before the show even begins. But the real fun kicks off when the lights go down, and the room is transported.

Like a cork flying off a bottle of champagne, 'Blanc De Blanc Encore' springs into action the second it begins. The cast (Caitlin Tomson-Moylan, Charles-Éric Bouchard, Joe DeSoto, Melanie Hawkins, Emile Mathieu, Rechelle Mansour, Skylar Benton, Spencer Craig and Emma Phillips) is incredibly strong. Whether it's a bit of quick comedy between the main acts – of course involving some unsuspecting audience members – performing gravity-defying aerial acts or simulating masturbation by frantically playing a pretend violin, this group of performers bring it all.

There's bright colours, bubble machines, costumes that leave very little to the imagination (if anything at all) and an expansive offering of excitement.

It's bombastic, sure, but since when did everything need to be so deep? Perhaps the most beautiful part about 'Blanc De Blanc Encore' is that it overflows with pure escapism and nothing more – a night to leave your troubles at the door, wrap your hands around a hot cinnamon donut and experience the many potentials of the human body through a ridiculous, hilarious, at times a little bit mind-blowing two hours of wonder.

Too much more would give it all away. The only way to truly understand the wild nature of 'Blanc De Blanc Encore' is to take it in with your own eyes. Tantalised yet?


'Blanc De Blanc Encore' plays Twilight Electric (Northshore, Brisbane) as part of Brisbane Festival until 18 September.

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