Bigger & Blacker Brisbane Review @ La Boite Theatre

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Steven Oliver, 'Bigger & Blacker' Steven Oliver, 'Bigger & Blacker' Image © Dylan Evans Photography

Steven Oliver has worn many hats throughout his career – actor, writer, teacher, dancer and poet – proving his versatility in the arts almost beyond measure.

These hats are showcased spectacularly in his latest show, 'Bigger & Blacker', a comedy cabaret guaranteed to get you laughing, thinking and shimmying in your seats over one action-packed hour of entertainment. Accompanied by his on-stage musical companion, Michael Griffiths, the duo took La Boite by storm, topped with a disco ball, dance breaks and spicy banter between the two that will have you laughing from beginning to end. The spark and harmonies between Steven and Michael were nothing short of astounding, making them a flawless match for the stage.

Known for his role in 'Black Comedy', Steven is renowned for using humour as a tool to approach subjects close to his heart, but has also become established as a hard-hitting poet, with poems such as 'Hate He Said' making Brisbane, and Australia, start to think differently about issues such as love, racism, and fame. His delivery of his art is unique, making it no surprise that 'Bigger & Blacker' is set to be a sell-out show at La Boite in March. The show combines comedy and contemplation with saucy stories, reflections on love and loss and a candid look at the downside of fame. With a guarantee to make you leave feeling either heard, or challenged, 'Bigger & Blacker', is a must-see show for all Australians.

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Image © Dylan Evans Photography

In true cabaret form, you’ll spot plenty of theatrical song, dance, and recitation, but this one has a twist! In all his fabulousness, Steven will continue to surprise you with showcases of tap dancing, shimmying, spoken word, and urban rap. The raps may have just been one of the stand-out performances of the night, with Steven’s quick delivery of beautifully-formed verses exploring controversial issues, feelings that you may never had thought he’d had, and a sprinkle of some 'cultural awareness' throughout. However, they may have been so quick, 'Bigger & Blacker' might be a show you see twice, as there’s a good chance you might have missed a thing or two.

If you’re familiar with 'Black Comedy' and some of Steven’s earlier work, 'Bigger & Blacker' will make you laugh, feel, and reminisce throughout the 75-minute show. However if you’re new to the Steven Oliver fan club, you may not understand a number of references used throughout the night. This doesn’t deter from the overall experience, however if you’ve bought your tickets for 'Bigger & Blacker', it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on some of Steven’s earlier work before coming along.

'Bigger & Blacker' is the unmissable retelling of Steven Oliver’s life.


'Bigger & Blacker' plays La Boite Theatre (Brisbane) until 27 March.



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