Big Glittery Sh.tshow Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival 2019

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'Big Glittery Sh.tshow' 'Big Glittery Sh.tshow'

‘Big Glittery Sh.tshow’ is a lot of fun.

No navel-gazing reflections on the human condition here, Hyperion Entertainment promise a good time and they deliver it with thrills and spills and an attitude that is a joy to behold.

That attitude is the show’s great achievement, it is not easy to perform in front of a crowd, let alone engage them, let alone fail a trick in front of them and then rally for another go. To do it all with a sexy confidence and playfulness is remarkable and the performers never waver, milking the suspense and the laughs for all they’re worth.

The tricks aren’t on the level of, say, Circa’s acrobatics. . . But Circa won’t make you hoot and holler like this. There were admittedly a couple of times a trick didn’t go perfect but this just created real stakes, and triumph when a tricky manoeuvre was pulled off.

Shona Cona struts around on stage with such presence and Jack Wilde is so sublimely cheeky. Balancing out the show and their personas is little rubber ducky songbird Laney Mejias, who gives everybody a chance to catch their breath listening to her sing.

There were a few stand-out moments: Kangaroo jumping on a trampoline, gorgeous LED hula hoops sublimely designed in their changing light patterns, and a potato well caught with a fork. However, it isn’t any one thing that transpires on stage but the whole vibe in the room on the night that glitters with a very special magic of its own.

One of the best shows to play at Wonderland this season.



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