Banging On The Door Brisbane Review @ Wonderland Festival 2018

'Banging On The Door'
Elodie is an award-winning actor, director, playwright, and producer who enjoys her time onstage as much as her work behind-the-scenes. When she's not creating theatrical magic, she's reporting about the arts scene with her journalism and publicity prowess. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @el.boal.

Roz Pappalardo had audiences in the palm of her hand with her latest show ‘Banging On The Door’.

An emotional and heartbreaking piece of theatre, the stunning and established musician took us through the struggles of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and the want to complete one’s family.

Inspired by her own personal experiences, Roz used music and original songs to recount tender memories. She commanded the stage and the attention of many to relive highs and lows of an unspoken topic.

There was no fancy set pieces or crazy lighting plots. The show was as real as one could get – simply Roz, her guitar and a table filled with script pieces that resembled the diary of her emotional journey.

During the hour-long performance, she acted, belted and strummed her way into the hearts of a supportive audience. Reliving the days of her IVF process and the notions of fertility, Roz portrayed nurses, doctors, co-workers and others significant people she met during this significant chapter. As much as she was a wonderful musician, she proved herself to be a comic, actor and storyteller as well.

Roz’s voice was so powerful and melodic, it didn’t need any amplification to be heard. She poured her soul into every song – crying, laughing and joking along the way. There was a skilful repetition in her lyrics that allowed meaning to sink in. The songs were cleverly crafted and had an indescribable energy about them.

‘Banging On The Door’ really interrogated the minds of an audience. You could feel the synergy in the air, as everyone was so in tune to what was being said. The content made you consider the female journey – about how easy some have it to fall pregnant and how others struggle to conceive.

There were many times where you wanted to go up on stage and give Roz a cuddle. Even though the story may have already occurred, Roz’s ability to include us in her work, made it feel like we were there from the beginning and for the whole rollercoaster ride.

The message was strong, clear and not easily forgotten. Filled with tenderness and vulnerability, it impacted in more ways than one could realise.

As hilarious as some scenes were, there was a hard-hitting truth that brought things back down to reality. At what point does one give up on their dreams?

Roz Pappalardo is a name we should remember. A storyteller of our time, her work can only be described as ‘wow’ and ‘powerfully fragile’. She deserved a sell-out audience, as she holds an influence that gets people right in the feels.

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