Atomic: The New Rock Musical Coming To Perth

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Blak Yak Theatre is presenting 'Atomic', the new thrilling Australian rock musical on the making of the atom bomb.

This show tells the true story of Leo Szilard, the brilliant physicist who unlocked the secret of atomic power. But war turned his hopes for mankind into a billion-dollar race against a German bomb.

Only once Germany had surrendered did focus shift to Japanese cities. By then the project had grown too big to stop. But one man did try to stop it. A man since buried by history, but without whose intellect and determination the weapon that could end us might never have had its start.

His name is Leo Szilard. His is the story of the bomb we only thought we knew. Ethics, loyalty and true love are tested as Leo and his fellow scientists struggle to save both the world and their own humanity.

Atomic 20192

Multi award-winning director Lorna Mackie is delighted to bring this intense and powerful new musical to Perth.

“I love presenting new works and the fact that this story is biographical and written in Australia makes it all the more exciting!” she says. “The cast is phenomenal and are all incredibly eager to portray these amazing historical figures.”

Lorna adds that this particular production caught her attention with its dark edgy score and true story.

'Atomic' plays Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall from 14-23 March.

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