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If you’re looking for something to keep your mind off iso for a while, look no further than Agent November’s live, online escape room.

Based in the UK, Agent November has several real-world escape rooms that have been wildly successful. However, thanks to COVID-19, the team behind Agent November has released a live, online escape room titled 'Virtual X-Caper' which has all the best parts of their escape rooms (punny names, clues right under your nose, and the sweet, sweet taste of freedom when you escape) without having to leave your living room, anywhere in the world. Featuring all your favourite Agent November characters (Marty Orri, Robyn Yew and Major X Ploe-Shun), 'Virtual X-Caper' puts you literally into the shoes of Agent November as he attempts to escape captivity and find out who robbed the Museum of Secrets.

'Virtual X-Caper' is a sequel of the two real-world escape rooms, however participants are given briefing videos and case profiles to watch and read before taking part. While it would probably make more sense if you had done them prior, it doesn’t take too long to catch on to what’s happening and ‘whodunnit’.

The premise of the game is that Agent November has been captured by nemesis Marty Orri, and has to find his way out before Marty returns. The upside? Agent November has been fitted with ‘experimental cybernetic implants’ so that we can see through his eyes, hear everything he can within three metres, and talk to him.

The concept was strange to grasp at first, and it definitely took a couple of minutes to understand the fact that you had to tell Agent November what to do and where to look (as opposed to a ‘real life’ escape room in which you’d do it yourself). With Agent November being your eyes, ears and hands, the process of telling him to ‘look up’, ‘feel along the edge of the window’, ‘open the cupboard door’ was quite challenging at times, but really effective. It was a really clever way of creating a virtual escape room that felt really real.

The fact that it was ‘live’ meant that you were talking to Agent November, and he was able to respond, which was a really enjoyable experience for everyone. You could ask questions, get his opinion (not that he gave away much!), and he would respond. It did make participants really think about how to explain things in such a way that he could follow it to unlock a door or find a secret code.

Initially we were hesitant about a ‘virtual escape room’, in fear that we wouldn’t get the same thrill that we did when doing a real escape room, but we were proved very wrong. 'Virtual X-Caper' was pleasantly surprising with the ease of functionality, understanding the storyline, and finally escaping to freedom! Within the first 10 minutes, our team was shrieking with laughter, and by the end of the 60 minutes we were out of our lounge chairs and shrieking at the screen to ensure we escaped within the time limit. Agent November’s hilarious interactions with us was what made the escape room what it was, and if there were any more Agent November virtual escape rooms, we would have booked them all right then and there.

Whether you’re stuck inside with your bubble of people, or are looking for something to do at your next socially-distanced dinner party, I couldn’t recommend 'Virtual X-Caper' enough.




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