Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Gets Dancing With Ministry Of Sound: Classical

'Ministry Of Sound: Classical' 'Ministry Of Sound: Classical'

‘Ministry Of Sound: Classical’ – a symphonic dance music experience celebrating the golden age of dance music – is coming to Adelaide for the very first time this November.

Featuring Adelaide’s own DJ Groove Terminator (GT), aka Simon Lewicki, ‘Ministry Of Sound: Classical’ champions the most beloved dancefloor moments of the past 25 years – rearranging, remixing and reimagining classic tracks with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and special guest vocalists – with a warm-up set from DJ John Course.

GT, who has been working with Ministry Of Sound Australia as the Creative Director for their successful national touring orchestral show in recent years says, “The feeling I get being on stage surrounded by these incredible musicians playing some of my favourite tunes of all time is just an incredible rush. I am just walking on air for days after each show. It’s an incredible experience.”

Revealing that his initial 'Ministry Of Sound' track shortlist consisted of 400 songs, GT confesses that it is impossible to exclude tunes from what he considers the golden age of dance when narrowing down a set-list.

“I think there was a particular gold rush of great music in the ‘90s and ‘00s, and I don’t think anyone can touch that stuff,” he says. “And then to be able to amplify that with a presentation involving an orchestra – especially the ASO – it’s just phenomenal really.

“I know when we soundchecked ‘Where Love Lives’ - which is probably in the top five dance tracks of all time – Alison [Limerick, vocalist] had never heard an orchestration like that, and that’s now her definitive version of what the song should sound like. And that’s one of the great things we get to do with this sort of show. Elevate these bits of music.”

Describing ‘Ministry Of Sound: Classical’ as a “heavily retooled set”, GT says, “Initially [the sessions] zoomed through things really quickly because we were trying to get as many songs as possible into 45 minutes – say 25-28 tunes – which is a lot. And we realised that we should let some things breathe and not be so sort of mash-up-y with it and go another way.

“We’ve pulled the whole thing apart and put it back together again, and I think we’ve worked out what works really, really well, and what special moments we could do more of.

“So if you’ve seen the show before, I wouldn’t worry because it is very, very different. If you’ve never seen it before you’re going to absolutely love it because I think it’s the best of what we’ve done.”

A global phenomenon with sell-out shows across the globe, including London’s Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House, ‘Ministry Of Sound: Classical’ is “tailor-made for big places”, GT says.

“The focus this time is that it’s very much a dancefloor experience. While you can come and sit down and enjoy the show with an orchestra, this is very much an ‘I want you to get up and dance, have a good time, scream and make some noise’ show. So bring your dancing shoes and book the babysitter. I definitely never bring half the energy to a show, and I’ve got 50 people on stage with me and they’re not going to do that either.”

‘Ministry Of Sound: Classical’ with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra takes place at the Adelaide Showground 26 November.



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