Act React Get Wilde And Wasted For Anywhere Fest And Twist A Jane Austen Classic

'The Importance Of Being Wasted'
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Get ready to go Wilde this month with the drunk and debauched crew of Act React.

The Brisbane comedy legends are bringing back their smashed-hit show 'The Importance Of Being Wasted' as part of this year’s Anywhere Festival.

Producer Natalie Bochenski says it’s the legendary Irish playwright’s classic comedy of manners with a cocktail hour twist.

“Every night sees two of our six actors do the show under the influence,” Natalie says.

“The sober actors have to ensure the trollied thespians keep to the script as much as possible – or not. Sometimes the drunk ones just roll in like a grenade and set off unpredictable madness.”

That also means that each show is different, due to a different combination of drunk performers.

“We’re doing the show four times, twice in Brisbane and twice in Brendale as part of Anywhere Festival’s Moreton Bay programme,” Natalie says.

“The two drunk performers are never the same twice, resulting in completely unique shows that all pay a sozzled tribute to the wonderful words of Mr Wilde.”

Wine And Prejudice ActReact 2023 1
A first look at 'Wine And Prejudice', debuting later this year.

And there’s more exciting news from Act React, as they’re announcing the next source material they will take on as part of their growing 'Drunk Classics' series.

'Wine And Prejudice' will debut later this year.

The blurred-visionary behind this latest concept is Act React creative Elizabeth Best, who has long envisaged mixing booze and bonnets.

“It’s about time we had a Less-Classy Mr Darcy and Dizzy Miss Lizzie,” Elizabeth says.

“Jane Austen’s work is beloved for its wit and social commentary – but what would happen if the characters of 'Pride And Prejudice' were really unleashed?

“We’re keen to put the gin into the Regency.”

'The Importance of Being Wasted' plays 26-27 May at 23 Manning Street, South Brisbane; and on 2-3 June at Hip Hops Brewers, 264 South Pine Road, Brendale.

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