5 Ways To Be Entertained At Wanderlust By Masters Of Choreography In Brisbane

'Wanderlust' 'Wanderlust'

Masters Of Choreography present their newest spectacular: 'Wanderlust', at Brisbane's The Tivoli.

The company have sold out in Australia and overseas, and 'Wanderlust', hosted by an over-the-top, talented and flirtatious host, promises to deliver a dazzling array of entertainment.

The show is set to an uplifting commercial soundtrack, packed with performers skilled in dance, acro, contortion, fire, aerial, and comedy. It's safe to say there will be something for everyone to enjoy throughout 'Wanderlust'.

Here, Show Choreographer Emma Vaiano lists five ways you can be entertained during 'Wanderlust'.


Have a boogie. We love seeing our audience get involved in our show so don’t be shy to cheer and whistle plus there’s always an opportunity to get up and have a boogie in your seats with our amazing show dancers.


Sing along to your favourite tunes. From Celine Dion to Lady Gaga, our show host will be belting out some iconic tunes that you’ll want to be singing too. He may twist the lyrics for some fun though!


Feel mesmerised and entranced by the skill and artistry of our specialised acts. Fire, aerial, pole, contortion and acro plus our awesome ballet and street dancers. Each number will have you on the edge of your seats and wanting to see more.


Get involved! We love showing you our moves so it’s only fair you show us yours! Get involved in our crowd dance off. Bust your sexiest dance moves and win one of our naughty take-home prizes.


Have a good laugh at the outrageous and outlandish comedic moments throughout the show. Let’s have some fun!

'Wanderlust' plays The Tivoli (Brisbane) 18-20 March.



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