5 Top Musical Songs With The Stars Of La Boite's The Last Five Years

'The Last Five Years' 'The Last Five Years'

Jamie and Cathy's marriage is over. The love is gone, and they're trying to figure out where it went wrong.

Jason Robert Brown's musical 'The Last Five Years' at Brisbane’s La Boite Theatre, directed by Darren Yap, tracks these two 20-something New Yorkers, falling in and out of love over the course of five years. It's a fresh take of 'he said/she said', as Jamie (Robert Tripolino) tells his story in chronological order and Cathy (Danielle Remulta) tells hers in reverse.

Their stories intersect once – at their wedding – and music is interwoven throughout the show.

In the spirit of all things musical, 'The Last Five Years' stars Danielle Remulta and Robert Tripolino list their five favourite songs from musicals.


'Cool' from 'West Side Story'.
Rob: I always love 'Cool' from 'West Side Story'. It’s so pressurised and volcanic.
Danielle: I agree. The tension and suspense make you excited to see the Jets in this moment just explode!
Rob: They are my archetype of what cool is. *Click* *click*


'Still Hurting' from 'The Last Five Years'.
Danielle: 'Still Hurting' from 'The Last Five Years'. I love how it's so stripped back with the strings and at the same time it feels so empty, which meets so well with Cathy who at the centre of it is completely broken, hurt and alone.
Rob: I think we take for granted how minimal the song is and yet it makes us feel so sympathetic.
Danielle: #TeamCathy all the way.


'Nobody Needs To Know' from 'The Last Five Years'.
Rob: Another song from 'The Last Five Years' that we have grown to fall for was definitely 'Nobody Needs To Know'.
Danielle: It's simple and haunting and gives you a sense of the darkness of what Jamie is going through.
Rob: I think one of the most interesting things about Jason Robert Brown is the way he creates drive and power without a percussion.
Danielle: You're right. It's all about the actors. They are the main drivers of the songs and the story.


'Being Alive' from 'Company'.
Danielle: 'Being Alive' from 'Company'. I don't have much to say on this except it's completely ICONIC!
Rob: Get your ears around this Sondheim masterpiece if you don't know it.


'Schuyler Sisters' from 'Hamilton'.
Danielle: 'Hamilton' is a bop. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a bop. But my favourite is definitely 'Schuyler Sisters'.
Rob: It is such a bop. It's fun and empowering and Lin-Manuel Miranda is such a contemporary mastermind. I love the sisters. And Peggy. Of course.

Danielle Remulta and Robert Tripolino star together in 'The Last Five Years' at La Boite Theatre, on until 18 June.



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