5 Things To Take To A Riot With Performer Miss Friby

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Miss Friby Miss Friby Image © Rachel Mia

Sequinned satirist Miss Friby is armed with a clever script, a horde of costumes and a grim view of the future in 'Absolute Riot', presented as part of Adelaide Fringe in 2021.

Miss Friby's unique brand of cabaret will be front and centre – and so will she – throughout this one-woman variety show featuring choreography, vocals, comedy, absurd anecdotes and 'lyrical-contemporary-modern-jazz-ballet-magic'. . .

'Absolute Riot' is the show you never knew you needed.

Before she hits the stage at the Fringe, Miss Friby lists five things to take to a riot.


A sense of entitlement. This assists in fine tuning those romantic notions that you will ‘hear the people sing’. Some rioters will require more sense than entitlement, but if all parties involved have some sort of self-imposed expectation, we’re off to a great start.


A theme song. No one likes to dance in the dark baby. Open your Spotify, do it. Yes, I know that, as an artist, I shouldn’t be amplifying that music stealing, corporate scum platform, but we all know you have it, so do it. Now put on ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ by Billy Joel. Good, now queue ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Queen) and ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’ (Culture Club). Go on, tell me you don’t need a theme song now.


Toilet paper. With all that 'self-entitlement' going round, someone without a vagina will certainly burn what rolls are available. Let’s be honest, when have you ever seen a self-entitled prick get reprimanded for burning natural resources? Take the TP, your PH will be Pretty Happy about it.


Your crew, gang, mob, posse. The right crowd can really make or break your riot experience. You don’t want to find yourself arguing over the looting booty, chanting out of sync or with opposing social media algorithms. A riot is a fine-tuned machine, smashed into a million pieces, and your compadres are an essential part of that discord. Plus nothing is more fun than that ‘post-riot’ ravioli with your loved ones.

Friby AlexisDesaulniers Lea
Image © Alexis Desaulniers-Lea


A short attention span, because riots are not for ruminating, they’re in the moment, flashy, dynamic, fluid, like your opinion. Learn to switch off, mental health is important. Besides, you can always come back to it later.

'Absolute Riot' plays The Lark at Gluttony – Rymill Park (Adelaide Fringe) 2-20 March.



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