5 Things That Don’t Rhyme With Orange With Playwright And Performer Isabella Perversi

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'What Rhymes With Orange?' 'What Rhymes With Orange?' Image © Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films)

This ordinary couple is just trying to survive their relationship.

'What Rhymes With Orange?' at Melbourne Fringe is the latest work from multi-disciplinary artist Isabella Perversi starring her and actor/clown/teaching artist Fabio Motta.

Tom and Rosie are moving into the next phase of their lives together, navigating rocky terrain, priorities and choices. This show explores the threshold and boundaries of a relationship – what is the line? When is it time to call it quits?

Exploring the illusion of fame versus reality, life and death, and the ability to reborn, 'What Rhymes With Orange?' also holds a magnifying glass to the impact of modern-day technology on a relationship.

Here, the show's creator and co-performer, Green Room Award-nominated Isabella Perversi lists five things that don't rhyme with orange. . . But do sum up her show, 'What Rhymes With Orange?'.


Trying to 'adult' at 27 years old but secretly knowing you are still a big child incapable of growing up and making important life decisions.


Signing yourself, and your better half, up for a 10km Fun Run and realising that nothing about a 10km Fun Run is fun.

Isabella Perversi Headshot
Isabella Perversi


Being so comfortable with your partner you find it not only acceptable, but necessary, to fart on, around, and with them.


Lying to spare your partner’s feelings, confessing to the lie and then regretting owning up to it after all they say is, “I’m not upset about what you did, just the fact that you lied”.


Dancing when you’re sad, dancing when you’re happy, dancing when you’re dreaming and dancing when you’re in love!

'What Rhymes With Orange?' plays online, on demand, as part of Melbourne Fringe, from 8-17 October.



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