5 Things Burlesque Performers Want You To Know

Early Burly Club, Melbourne
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Miss Adelaide Everheart showcases a bevy of bold women, in a vaudevillian variety show that harks back to the stripped back, lewd and brassy days of prohibition era dance halls – 'Early Burly'.

A comedy and variety show featuring burlesque, circus and cabaret artists liberally sprinkled with songs and satire, 'Early Burly' is a wonderfully whimsical warble of women. Gracing the stage with song, comedy and burlesque, 'Early Burly' is treat for your eyes, ears and funny bones.

But before you head along to one of these tantalising and sensational shows (the last Friday of every month), Miss Everheart wants you to know a few things:

1. I have the microphone. I am therefore funnier than you are.

Early Burly1Miss Adelaide Everheart © Fates Media

2. PSA on resting bitchface. The less you look like you want to be there, the more likely you are to be dragged up on stage. If you don’t want to be involved in audience participation, clap really loudly.

Early Burly4Jackson Auditore after being pulled on stage © Rob Vallender

3. You might think my Darth Vader costume is really really cool, but I think it’s less cool when you high five me in the boob.

Early Burly2Miss Adelaide Everheart © 3 Fates Media

4. Some of us (me) will accept payment in wine. (Side note: I love it when you buy me drinks! I’m an MC and I often drink on stage. Maybe take note of what I am drinking though. If I’m swanning around with a glass of red wine, it’s really hard to show my appreciation when I have to down the shot of chartreuse that you just bought me. Red wine is not really a good chaser.)

Early Burly3Miss Adelaide Everheart © Rob Vallender Photography

5. We really enjoy taking our clothes off. You should enjoy us taking our clothes off too! We are goddesses, in all our awkward and human glory!

Early Burly5Petra Dish and Miss Adelaide Everheart © Rob Vallender Photography

Held on the last Friday every month at The Butterfly Club, the next 'Early Burly' is 26 June.

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