5 Songs You Can Expect To Hear At Fringe World Show Ballads, Banksias And Beauty

'Ballads, Banksias And Beauty' 'Ballads, Banksias And Beauty'

Multi-sensory experience 'Ballads, Banksias And Beauty' will hit Fringe World presented by four world-class musicians.

GRAMMY Award-winning Lucky Oceans will be joined by multiple Fringe World Award-winner Jessie Gordon, Bell Award recipient Ben Vanderwal and WAMI Award-winner Russell Holmes.

The quartet will play an hour of original music and classic Australian songs, all performed against a backdrop paying homage to the landscapes of Western Australia.

Here, Jessie Gordon (who is presenting three other shows throughout Fringe World) lists five songs you can expect to hear throughout 'Ballads, Banksias And Beauty'.


'London Still'. This is a classic from Albany band The Waifs. A wonderfully nostalgic song for me, and the soundtrack of my homesickness whenever I travel.


'A Child Was Born Here'. An Archie Roach song that is heartbreakingly beautiful with the very powerful message to 'be careful when you walk through this land, because a child was born here'.


'Whenever It Snows'. A Tex Perkins/Murray Paterson song which is one of the most perfect evocations of life up north I can imagine.


'Wide Open Road'. Perth band The Triffids recorded this in 1986 – it's an epic tune that always reminds me of road tripping, the agony of love and the tyranny of distance.


Original songs. We have two original compositions in the show, one of mine and one by Ben Vanderwal, both of which are aching songs in their own way.

'Ballads, Banksias And Beauty' plays The Gold Digger at Girls School from 15-25 January.



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