5 Reasons To Witness Jump First, Ask Later

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'Jump First, Ask Later' 'Jump First, Ask Later' Image © Sameed Khan

Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) Fairfield and Force Majeure are ready to get moving.

'Jump First, Ask Later' paints a high-octane urban portrait of the streets of Western Sydney through the art of parkour and featuring the Dauntless Movement Crew.

Urban freestyle, b-boying, dance... It all intersects to create a theatre experience about finding your path and (literally) jumping over life's obstacles.

Here, 'Jump First, Ask Later' Tour Director and PYT Fairfield Artistic Director Karen Therese lists five reasons to witness the show.


It’s amazing. You will see the jaw-dropping skills of the Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC), one of the most amazing young parkour and stunt crews in Australia. Parkour is one the fastest-growing activities in the world and can be seen in nearly every Hollywood action movie. But 'Jump First, Ask Later' gives audiences the chance to see it up close, live on stage, right in front of them!


It’s an award-winning show. 'Jump First, Ask Later' sold out 20 shows at the Sydney Opera House and won two major awards, including a Helpmann, Australia’s biggest theatre award.


It’s about backing your mates. DMC started with a bunch of friends trying out crazy stunts and supporting each other to get back up when they stack it. Now they perform at major events and comps across Australia.

Image © Adam Elwood


It’s inspiring. Parkour is all about challenging yourself to overcome life’s obstacles by literally jumping over them. In 'Jump First, Ask Later' you will see six young people who grew up on the streets of Western Sydney who literally taught themselves from YouTube. Now they play some of the biggest festivals and venues in Australia!


It’s real. Western Sydney is one of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia and 'Jump First, Ask Later' is a window into the stories of DMC, who have all explored and treasured the streets of their city. 'Jump First, Ask Later' combines amazing stunts with touching and unique stories of life in our bold and vibrant city.

'Jump First, Ask Later' plays Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre 21 May and Riverside Theatre 22-24 May.



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