5 Reasons RuckusFest In Brisbane Is The Ultimate Social Climber Finishing School

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Ruckusfest Ruckusfest

RuckusFest! That golden beacon of fun art times!

Worry not you socially awkward fringe arts dwellers, the team at Ruckus Slam are ready to school you in all the cool. Happening this November, RuckusFest is two days at The Old Museum in Brisbane, celebrating all that is weird and wonderful about the Brisbane underground and independent arts scene.

There are more than 35 artists and collectives presenting material like theatre, live music, poetry, puppetry, stand-up comedy, improv and roving acts, and even an adult bubble show.

You can expect to laugh a lot at the Friday night cabaret's comedians, then get into it on Saturday with a range of arts workshops for beat-boxing, poetry writing, sock puppets, dance, and face-painting.

Here, RuckusFest lists five reasons the festival is the ultimate social climber finishing school.


You’ll learn skills that will entertain dinner parties for yonks. You’ll go away feeling better about your new skills and cultural appreciation, instead of feeling slightly lethargic and unfit. We’ve got a beat-boxing workshop, you can join a cipher and try out your rap-skills, learn a hot flash mob dance with Bring A Plate Dance, or write poetry with an edge with Mike Russell from Brotherhood Of The Wordless. People will be AMAZED.


With only the socks on your feet, you will learn to entertain aggressive small children and hideously bored adults. In our Sock Puppet Series. First up, create beautiful sock puppets with Lauren Hale. Then, do a fab creative development with said sock puppets with Siobhan Gibbs. Finally, perform, live, on stage, with sock puppets, and Siobhan, with a live soundscape by Jodie Rottle, in front of thousands* of adoring fans!
*hundreds. Probably.

RebeccaJessen ruckusfest2021
Bec Jessen


We’ve got an adult bubble show, Lucinda at number 47 doesn’t have one of THOSE. Which is super sexy. Plus a whole pile of other wild entertainment that you will not get to see at any other condo or festival, like a duo-poetry performance that deconstructs Sophie Monk's season on 'The Bachelorette' – hi Zenobia Frost and Bec Jessen. And a lesbian sea-shanty singalong. A hula hooper flying through a cloud of rainbow powder, aka Abbey Church. An entire drumkit coming out of someones mouth i.e. Hope One, who is performing with Melanie Mununggurr.


You’ll leave better dressed than when you arrive. There’s a free dress-up cloakroom except it's full of salvaged opp-shop clothes that Aidrian is styling people with. A lot of it is pirate themed. We are not expecting to get these clothes back. Also, Bella is doing intuitive face painting, transforming you into the beautiful creature of the night you’ve always wanted to be. You are going to look SO GOOD.

Sandeep ruckusfest2021
Sandeep Totlani


You will dance like no one has ever danced before. Dancing – like, that thing where you awkwardly move your body near other peoples bodies and you get a good chemical in your brain. Start dancing with Bring A Plate Dance – keep dancing with Beauty And The Beats, smash it out of the park with Rivermouth. After RuckusFest, no one will put baby in the corner. Ever. Again.

RuckusFest is on at The Old Museum (Brisbane) 5-6 November.



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