5 Fun Facts About Titanic: The Movie, The Play Before It Hits Sydney Fringe

'Titanic: The Movie, The Play'
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The gang's back together – Jack, Rose, and the iceberg return to Sydney Fringe, brought by high-energy performance squad Act React.

Act React presented Sydney Fringe audiences with 'Speed: The Movie, The Play' in 2019, and 'Titanic' last year. Thanks to popular demand, this version of the iconic, 'unsinkable' ocean liner will do what the original ship could never, as it sails once again for adoring audiences.

Strap on your life jacket and get ready to board a show filled with Hollywood-ish special effects, THAT Celine Dion song, and jokes about Billy Zane's career.

Here, the folks at Act React list five fun facts about 'Titanic: The Movie, The Play'.


It’s back by popular demand. This hilarious comedic homage to the most epic romance of the 1990s first sailed into Sydney for last year’s Fringe. It was such a smash hit, that pop culture performance company Act React have worked with the festival to bring it back for 2023. Tickets are already moving faster than Jack and Rose’s relationship, so we’re being warned to jump on board quickly.


It’s at a new location. The show debuted at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, but for logistical reasons that site wasn’t available this year. But Producer Natalie Bochenski says their new venue is equally, if not more, atmospheric. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Spiegeltent Festival Garden in The Entertainment Quarter out at Moore Park,” she says. “We’re actually setting up in a space bordered by shipping containers, which is somewhat apt!”


It won’t be exactly the same. The new setting means some opportunities to change how the audience experiences the show. “We’ll have some different lifeboat configurations this time, albeit – spoiler – not enough for everybody,” Natalie says. “We also have some new cast members coming on board for this year’s performances, which always adds fresh fun to the mix.”


There is audience interaction. “We like to surprise our audiences, but the word has definitely got out that yes, we do involve our ‘passengers’ on the Titanic,” Natalie says. “But we pride ourselves on creating the best experience for those who find themselves playing a key part in proceedings.” It means you’re always in supportive, hilarious hands at an Act React show.


Tickets are the same price as last year. The arts are not immune to current cost of living pressures: in fact, they’re often more susceptible to inflation, as discretionary spending is one of the first things people cut back on when times are tough. “We are so aware that people choosing to spend their hard-earned money on our show is an incredible honour,” Natalie says. “We’re a small, independent company, so rely on ticket sales. But we’ve held our prices and offered some extra discounts in the hope it helps people who are being wonderful and taking a chance on our show.”

'Titanic: The Movie, The Play' plays Spiegeltent Festival Garden (Sydney Fringe) 7-24 September.

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