5 Cringe (But Secretly Great) Things From The '80s With Hypnotist Matt Hale

Matt Hale
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Comedy hypnotist Matt Hale is returning to Adelaide Fringe to bring intrigue and laughs.

This time it's a hypnosis show celebrating all the best vibes of the '80s, with a multi award-winning hypnotist who has racked up more than 50 million views on Tik Tok and is fresh from a sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe.

Matt's latest show 'Top Fun! 80s Hypnosis Spectacular (The Remix)' celebrates a decade which we all seem to embrace with a smirk on our face, and stupidly fun results.

This vibrant decade brought us some unique fashion choices, cheesy music, and over-the-top pop culture moments. While these things may make us cringe a little, they definitely secretly make us smile.

Matt lists five examples of the cringiest yet greatest things from the era.


The fashion. Oh, the fashion of the '80s! It was something else, right? From shoulder pads to neon colours, parachute pants to leg warmers, it was a wild ride. Looking back, some choices were definitely questionable, but you know what? They brought out the confidence in people, and that's what makes it endearing. The '80s were all about expressing yourself freely without worrying about what others thought. Plus, it gives me chance to wear day-glo pink socks and tight white shorts in the show!


Cheesy music and catchy tunes. Oh yes yes yes, was it cheesy! But here's the thing: those catchy tunes are still stuck in our heads to this day. From power ballads to synth-pop hits, the music of the '80s had an energy that was simply infectious. Whether you're going absolutely 'Footloose' or belting out Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer' at karaoke night, these cringey yet undeniably enjoyable songs bring a smile to our faces every time. And yes, 'Top Fun' is packed full of those examples. . . And more!


Memorable movies. The '80s gifted us with so many memorable movies that have become cult classics, with so many quotable quotes. Sure, special effects and storylines may be lacking, but who can honestly resist finishing the sentences "I feel the the need. . .", "nobody puts. . .", and "yippee-ki-yay. . ." ! Don't worry, I'll be testing you at the start of the show!


Retro video games. Calling all gamers and enthusiasts! The '80s were a golden age for video games. Remember the rise of arcades and the birth of iconic gaming franchises? Sure, the graphics may just have been 8-bit blobs but somehow they captured our hearts. Classic titles like 'Pac-Man', 'Super Mario Bros.', and 'Tetris' still bring us pure fun and remind us of a time when gaming really relied on a lot of imagination. . . And pure fun!


Quirky dance moves. Let's not forget about those quirky dance moves that defined the '80s! Sure, they may seem cringey now, but back then, they were all the rage. From the robot to the moonwalk, the running man, the worm – these dance crazes brought joy and entertainment to dance floors everywhere. And now they're being busted out nightly again at my show!

Matt Hale plays The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park (Adelaide Fringe) 5-17 March.

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