2100: A Space Novelty Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2019

'2100: A Space Novelty'
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With the ingenuity of five talented actors, '2100: A Space Novelty' manages to weave a compelling and heart-felt narrative, with a movie-like feel, despite the lack of cameras, props or any of the usual necessities for a movie experience.

The show is whimsical, light-hearted and voice-driven. The performers expertly provide most of the sound effects themselves.

It’s a Space Opera meets parody of a blockbuster movie set in space. The show follows characters James and Botilda, as they face the ‘superior beings’, a mysterious and powerful force in the universe – cue eerie and ethereal opera singing.

The performers use their bodies expertly and comedically, to mimic set and props, showing great dexterity and synchronicity in their imitation of objects. This gives the show a minimalist feel that is more intimate than most theatre productions.

It manages to capture the audience’s imagination through movement and suggestion, with few physical objects. It is a clever production which shows an awareness that sometimes things are best left to the imagination.

The performers simulate fight scenes apart from each other, to compelling and thought-provoking effect, highlighting their skilful synchronisation and providing a unique view of the action. The use of smaller props to simulate ‘zoomed out’ scenes adds to the cinematic feel of the production in a charming way.

While the show was clearly intentionally minimalistic, there could perhaps have been a better use of lighting or stage design to add to the space vibe, because the visible floor-boards in the theatre took away from the immersion. However, when light and music is used, it is used well. Something about an opera-singing, synth-playing evil villain is just terrifying.

'2100: A Space Novelty' is a captivating show that is at times heart-warming with friendships forged, and loyalties tested. It is at times mournful and poignant, set in a post-earth universe with the character from earth grieving everything he knows. The acting style is impressive, lively and fun, and the action scenes are riveting.

To anyone who is a fan of science-fiction, space-westerns, mime or Opera, come see this genre-defying show by Cut Mustard Theatre.


'2100: A Space Novelty' plays Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre until 2 March.

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