101 Diverse BIPoC Performers Come Together For 'I Need You To See Me'

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'I Need You To See Me' 'I Need You To See Me'

A group of 101 Australian BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) performers aged 18-25 have come together to feature in a song called 'I Need You To See Me'.

The song is by critically acclaimed performer and composer Vidya Makan, and is an invitation to our entertainment industry by the talented artists it marginalises to be seen and to create change.

The performers come from all walks of life. The song's lyrics speak to the much-needed inclusion and visibility of voices who have been underrepresented, misrepresented or completely erased from stage and screen.

"All musicals have songs that address 'change' or a 'new day' in some way or another so I think it is about time that, as an industry, we started practising what we preach," Vidya Makan says. "Visibility of a truly diverse range of artists on our stages is essential."

"I wanted to create a project that proves to the wider public what we already know: an incredible array of diverse talented and deserving artists exist here in Australia. So I made a call out for BIPoC and diverse artists aged 18-25 and within a few days, I had such a huge range of diverse performers apply, all eager to be involved. It wasn’t complex and there was no shortage of talent."

Vidya most recently starred as Catherine Parr in 'Six: The Musical'.

Akansha Hungenahally, Jerome Javier, Olivia Vasquez, Juan Gomez, Karis Oka, Nabs Adnan, Jasmine Vaughns, Joe Gaudion, Zenya Carmellotti, Sebastian Li, Alex Gonzalez, Luna Ijuin Lethbridge, Katie Long, Gabriella Barbagallo, Sonia Dodd, Jacob Kuek, Danni Byrne, Cypriana Singh, Lauren Cheok, An Dang, Jess Ridler, Prashanti Middling Cara Taraborrelli, Michaela Facun, Guillaume Gentil, Joshua Sanerive, Shubshri Kandiah, Camille Chin, Jade Delmiguez, Nisha Joseph, Yash Fernando, Quinton Rofail, Jo Jabalde, Naarah, Jarrod Draper, Mei Wah Chan, Sherry Watson, Ninna Aguirre, Isabella Ferrer, Chemon Theys, Grace Driscoll, Andrew Dang, Asmara Soekotjo, Kaya Byrne, Michael Polines, Ahila Navaratnam, Kiana Daniele, Aretha Williams, Teresa Giansiracusa, Nikita Campbell, Rebecca Ho, Melanie Bird, James Majoos, Lydia Kivela, Stephanie Beza, Lorinda May Merrypor, Aysa Garcia, Triona Giles, Milo Hartill, Tigist Strode, Daniella Delfin, Aisha Aidara, Bradley Beard, Tiarne Sue Yek, Wern Mak, Nicole Rammesh, Jayme-Lee Hanekom, Annie Fang, Jian Peters, Marty Alix, Vincent Huynh, Kara May Sims, Khayshie Tilak Ramesh, Meghan D’Souza, Kristie Nguy, Ruby Short, Kira Leiva, Rayhan Maskun, Deirdre Khoo, Sean Halley, Tamanna Kaul, Angelina Thomson, Chad Rosete, Phoenix Jackson Mendoza, Ashleigh Lopez, Alessandra Bizzanelli, Olivier Rahme, Trinna Talasaia, Rhys Wilson, Isabelle Pascua, Maxine Singh, Danielle Remulta, Remanika Chaudhry, Lincoln Elliot, Giovanni Young, Lo Vanguardia, Isabella Forte, David Duketis, Mia Morrissey, Georgia Shae, Ayesha Madon.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, FROOTY.



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