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Circuit Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2020

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Circus and technology collide in phenomenal fashion in the premiere show ‘Circuit’.

Presented by Australian production house Onyx Productions (the masterminds behind the smash hit '360 ALLSTARS'), ‘Circuit’ blends traditional circus acts with cutting edge technology and an eclectic soundtrack mixed by Australia’s own DJ Btwo to create a high energy show suitable for the whole family.

Jinge Wang brings a hint of old-school circus to the show with his enthusiastic Diablo routines; while bounce juggler Bertan Canbeldek showcases his incredible precision with a routine that is sure to amaze. Australian performer Steph Mouat defies gravity in a series of routines which showcase her incredible physical strength while DJ Btwo shows off his mixing skills in a unique solo performance which, while not to my taste, was technically impressive. Rounding off the talented cast are the trampolining trio Elijah Holt, Carl Rom Colthoff and Joelle Comeau who steal the show with a creative and daring trampoline routine which will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

My personal favourites, the trampoline routines are easily the highlight of the show thanks to the fast-paced (and at times frightening) nature of the stunts performed. The three performers are clearly enjoying every moment of their time on stage and this passion and enthusiasm allows them to deliver a truly unforgettable performance.

Joelle has a larger-than-life stage presence which is impossible to ignore and the natural chemistry between herself, Elijah and Carl allows them to create fun-filled routines which literally reach new heights. A natural performer, Joelle’s tendency to laugh along with her peers and break into random dance routines adds a new layer of fun to the show while also creating a palpable sense of excitement and it's clear that the three fuel each other’s performance as they bounce across the stage.

A versatile set design and portable props allow the performers to make optimal use of the small space; while projectors on either side of the stage transform the show's sparse white walls into colourful canvases. With each new performance the walls come alive with myriad colours, psychedelic patterns and futuristic designs – the show's cleverly-crafted opening sequence is particularly enjoyable.

Expertly delivered by a talented cast of national and international performers, ‘Circuit’ is the perfect choice for those seeking a more traditional circus experience.


‘Circuit’ plays The Flamingo at Gluttony – Rymill Park until 15 March.

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