The Sims (The One You Know And Love..) Is Finally Coming To Your Mobile Device!

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EA Games has announced that 'The Sims' will soon be coming to iPhone and Android devices.

We've seen 'The Sims Freeplay', 'The Sims Social' and other mobile versions of previous games in the past, but none as detailed and close-to-the-original as this. As yet, all we have is a pesky 'coming soon' at the end of the trailer, but that's more than enough for now.

In this game you can do all the good stuff like build a house, get married, throw parties... It's all there.

Until we get some more info, let's get hyped! Time to dust off your 'Sims' PC games and play away until you can do it on your phone.

Happy Simming! View the trailer below.


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