Far Cry 4 Video Game Review

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Welcome to ‘Far Cry 4’.

FC4 takes the player to the land of Kyrat – a country hidden deep in the Himalayas. The terrain is rough with steep drops and treacherous towering mountains laced with rundown Sherpa camps and a thick haze of incense in the air. Rickety bridges, rope swings and vines are the fastest way around; well that and the Victor lawn mower, one-man choppers you can find scattered throughout the joint.

You take control of the protagonist Ajay Ghale, as he travels to Kyrat to return his mum's ashes. It's a tricky business – the locals are in a shit ton of trouble, warring factions jostle for territory, and you are placed smack bang in the middle, with every decision you make shaping how your game evolves and who's side your on... eeep!

I did some missions, but soon grew tired of the grubby-faced villagers and there constant requests for supplies or revenge killings, opting instead to roam the massive open world, destroying radio towers or sneaking into enemy strong holds on that ninja stealth tip.

I enjoyed this part of the game the most; heavily-guarded outposts... tracking and marking the enemy, then slowly picking them off, one at a time, stashing the bodies in long grass and leaving that last awkward toothed guard, scratching his balls looking for his comrades, shutting down the alarm, and claiming that sweet, sweet XP.

It's a cool style of gameplay; it gets you thinking hard about your approach, and is refreshing to not just Rambo that shiz, guns and grenades bravado style. I mean you can if you want... but I found it much more challenging to take down the whole operation without a single shot fired or being detected – bigger points earned this way also.

Graphic wise it's a beauty: winding dirt trails, lush-green environment. I will also praise the music that accompanies you; it fits this beautiful, rugged world perfectly. I found myself, a few times, just stopping high upon a cliff taking in the vast country side, cold chillin' feeling the soundtrack.

Hard to go past this one guys, a great game, well structured, plenty to do and pretty to look at.

Four out of five clicks.

Far Cry 4 is available now at all gaming retailers nationwide for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

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