5 Inventions Of The '80s With The Phoncurves

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The Phoncurves The Phoncurves
Tomorrow, Brisbane pop act The Phoncurves will perform a free, 30-minute performance as part of QPAC’s Lunchtime Live event at QPAC’s Melbourne St Green.

Before then, the girls look back at the 1980s and the five inventions that have had the biggest impact on their lives.

1. Disposable cameras, remember the days? The excitement of getting photos developed and going through them in fits of laughter on the floor.

2. When computers became a colourful world of exploration; yes it's the Age of Jobs – the Apple Macintosh was born 1984.

3. Compact Disk. We have the '80s to thank for the countless hours spent sitting on the floor of your bedroom directly in front of the CD player, listening to your new CD while reading the lyrics to memorise!

4. The invention of the Walkman and Discman meant music hit the streets running, literally; flash to iconic movie scene, person running, music player in hand and fluoro sweat bands for daaazzee.

5. We can thank the '80s for 'MTV' and 'Rage' and the rise of music videos! Saturday mornings spent eyes glued to music videos learning all the dance moves!

Catch The Phoncurves at Lunchtime Live at QPAC’s Melbourne St Green Friday 4 September. Lunctime Live runs at QPAC every Friday (12.30-1pm) until 13 November, 2015.


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