Helen Turner – scenestr of the day

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What do you do?
I work on the farm with my partner and help run a charity music festival also on our farm (Blenheim Music and Camping Festival).

Why do you do it?
I am naturally bred to be in this role.

What do you love about the city you live in?
I don't live in one, but when I do go to the city good coffee is on the top of my list.

Where did you go for your last holiday?
I went to Bali with my sister.

What's your favourite item of clothing? Why?
My long, black jacket 'cause it was cheap.

What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?
'Sesame Street'. I like Snuffaluffagus.

If you could travel back in time for a day, where would you go?
I don't know. That’s a hard question.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us?
Indian styled curried-apricot chicken.

What's the best lesson you've ever learned?
Take the time to listen to others.

Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else knows…
I'm from NZ.

Are you happy with your work/ life balance?
Umm, depends on the day.

How do you define success?
Smiling every day.

What's your spirit animal?
What the hell does that mean.


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