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Jerri Lee Leslie - scenestr of the day

Published in SOD  
What do you do?
I create — I have a burning passion to capture moments and then re-create them for others to see. My passion lies mostly in photography and film, I see life better through a lens.

Why do you do it?
I was born to create. It makes me happy and feels natural. I love the idea of capturing a moment.

What do you love about the city you live in?
If I was to sum up Brisbane in one word, it would be ‘safe’. I love Brisbane because it’s home, it’s warm and always welcomes you with open arms.

Where did you go for your last holiday?
Technically my last holiday was years ago (Fiji), but when I’m feeling rundown and need to re-charge my batteries, I take a three hour train ride to Imbil (small county town) and spend a few days with my family.

What's your favourite item of clothing? Why?
I would have to say my mum’s old army jacket. It has paint stains and wear and tear, but it’s perfect.

What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?
I was a huge ‘Lizzie McGuire’ fan! I used to wake up every morning at six to watch that deliciously good show! I was also a lover of ‘Arthur’.

If you could travel back in time for a day, where would you go?
If I had to go back I would definitely re-do my graduation/ formal but other than that, I think the future looks brighter.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us?
I would cook marinated tofu with rice noodles and stir fry veggies.

What's the best lesson you've ever learned?
Don’t eat yellow snow and to be yourself!

Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else knows...
You would have to get to know me first.

Are you happy with your work/ life balance?
I think I’m content, it could be better but it could be worst. I have nothing to complain about, I’m pretty happy!

How do you define success?
Experience, knowledge and happiness.

What's your spirit animal?
I think mine would be a dog. I’m loyal, friendly and the simplest things make me happy.


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