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Beatrice Sim - scenestr of the day

Published in SOD  
What do you do?

I’m the illustrator and artist behind the page we could be heroes, currently working mainly in gouache and ink. I paint childhood adventures and the stuff of daydreams. At the moment, I’m also working on a picture book for adults along similar themes.

Why  do  you  do  it?

I do it because so much art reflects life’s sadder aspects, and it’s a good way to remind myself, and hopefully others, how vibrant colours (and life!)  can be.

What  do  you  love  about  the  city  you  live  in?

I love that there are new things springing up all over the place: a new café, a new artist selling handmade jewellery, a new local art exhibition. Right now, I’m particularly loving the BrisStyle and Finders Keepers markets. QPAC, QAG, and GOMA are always favourites, especially since they’ve been getting so many amazing musicals and artists in recently.

Where  did  you  go  for  your  last  holiday?

Rural Vietnam, and it was beautiful! It actually inspired one of my recent paintings, daytime dreaming, which is of a little girl daydreaming in a plum tree.

What's  your  favourite  item  of  clothing?  Why?

I’m a sucker for cute jewellery, so at the moment my favourite pieces are a lovely necklace from Brisbane artist Each To Own, and the most adorable deer earrings from Core – also a local artist.

What  was  your  favourite  TV  show  when  you  were  a  kid?
Hey Arthur, and the Saddle Club.

If  we  were  coming  over  to  your  place,  what  would  you  cook  us?

Look, I’m not the world’s best cook, but I would do my best. would probably be opened somewhere on some computer browser in my house, and you probably wouldn’t die, but that’s all the guarantee I give.

Are  you  happy  with  your  work/ life  balance?

I am! I’m a fulltime student, so having creative outlets like this is particularly rewarding.

How  do  you  define  success?

In the most cheesy way possible. I suppose success is when you’re happy with what you’ve achieved and where you are. Personally though, I find my idea of success is continually evolving such that I keep wanting to achieve more. At the moment, I’d really like to finish the picture book I’m working on, and participate in more local exhibitions.

What's  your  spirit  animal?

Most definitely Julie Andrews. She’s so beautiful. Can I be her?

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