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  • Monday, 27 February 2017 12:10
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Rising stars, The Goon Sax, began their headlining tour – in support of their debut album ‘Up To Anything’ – in their hometown of Brisbane (25 February).

The Goon Sax have been making a name for themselves with their witty lyrics, jangly music, and young age: the band members have all recently graduated high school.

Support for the band was provided by the hip-shaking brooding of synth-pop trio 100%, along with what started as indie-pop from Shep Dooley, who then swapped instruments for a set of breakneck-speed Black-Flag-inspired hardcore.

The surprising change in genres was well-received by a crowd who gathered closer to see the shirtless singer growl and leap across the stage.

The Goon Sax opened with the bouncy ‘Get Out’, a track that doesn’t feature on their wonderful, debut album but could easily fit in. Not long after, Louis steps back from singing so James and drummer Riley can duet on ‘Til The End’, another unreleased song.

Frontmen Louis and James spend much of the set clumsily swapping instruments, leading to guitar cables becoming as tangled as their lyrics make their love lives appear. Once cables are unravelled, The Goon Sax launch into their album’s title track, ‘Up To Anything’, a musically upbeat tune that has the crowd merrily singing back the downbeat chorus: “I want people to wonder about me / But I’m not feeling up to anything.”

The band gave their fans a treat with three new songs played in a row, which were just as catchy and witty as their first album.

The first of the new offerings saw a big change for the band, with Riley stepping away from her drum kit to take lead vocals on a song about a boy who “changes his mind more than he does clothes”. Louis and James each showcased a new song each; Louis introducing his as ‘Sleep Easy’.

The new songs' lyrics showed a growth in maturity for the young songwriters. ‘Telephone’ proved to be a crowd favourite. A song about blaming your problems on phones led to another sing-along, with the addition of punters bouncing to the quickening beat in the chorus.

The band closed their set with another unreleased track, ‘Love Lost’, only to return after a chant of ‘Goonies’ filled the space.

First encore song, ‘Susan’, was well-received, but the audience exploded with excitement when the picked guitar-refrain of ‘Boyfriend’ begins. ‘Boyfriend’ is a great example of The Goon Sax’s music; songs that are simple yet show a lot of craftsmanship.

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