Sunhaus Experience Tour Van Issues, Withdrawal From Wollongong Show Tonight

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Sunhaus Experience Tour Van Issues, Withdrawal From Wollongong Show Tonight Image supplied
Brisbane band Sunhaus have experienced tour van issues the past 24 hours, and subsequently they have had to withdrawal from their Wollongong show tonight at Rad.

Statement from the band:

"Yesterday (Wednesday 9th) we were driving down the highway and about 5 hours in, somewhere between woop woop and Forster, belting out 'Teenage Dirtbag', when our back wheel seized up and we semi-swerved to the side of the road. Knowing nothing about cars we decided it was definitely something bad because of the smoking air-con, accompanied by a stench of burning rubber.

“We had no reception, our durries were getting rained on and we had to pee... RACQ rescued us eventually and took us to Macksville, which we mispronounced endlessly while crying to our mothers on the phone. We then stayed in a pub and ate servo food while trying to reschedule everything.

“Aidan slept in the car to guard our precious instruments. This morning Mad and Del got a $300 taxi to Port Macquarie only to find out they didn't have any vans for hire, but had a 4WD! Drove back to pick up our gear and the boys... Boys and gear didn't fit. So we ditched the boys and now we're driving to Wollongong to pick up our 300 EPs which will have to sit on our laps like a 20kg, harshly cornered pet that is neither affectionate nor enthused!

“There weren't any trains or flights to Wollongong so the boys are going straight to Canberra. And to top it off, we're a bazillion dollars out of pocket, can't smoke in the car or swap drivers because I'm on my Ps. At least it's sunny!

“We were super keen to play with the guys in Wollongong. We did everything we possibly could to get there on time but it just didn't work out. Sorry to the venue and everyone involved in organising the show! “You've been so understanding of our unfortunate adventure. We definitely plan to visit and play a little show in the future!”

The show tonight will go ahead with The Dardi Shades, Barry & The Kids and East Coast Swag playing longer sets.

Sunhaus' tour continues with shows at Phoenix Bar (Canberra) 11 February, The Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne) 16 February, The Record Crate (Sydney) 19 February and The Junk Bar (Brisbane) 2 March.


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