Premiere: Stream Five Coffees New Single 'A Little Revolting'

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A politically charged tune targeting Sydney's lock-out laws and rising cost of living, Five Coffees new single 'A Little Revolting' reflects their frustration with the NSW government.

Everyone has a voice and Five Coffees are using just that. The song's title is a play on words reflecting their disgust at Aussie politics and a casual, almost lazy call to arms to their peers.

“The lyrics touch on the steadily rising rent of the city, the lock-out laws and the ongoing lack of a treaty with indigenous Australians,” group member Nick Knowledge says.

With live horns, MC, guitar, bass and drums, Five Coffees mix traditional, funk beats with hip hop vocals. They are currently working on their debut album.

Five Coffees will launch ‘A Little Revolting’ at Spring Street Social in Sydney 15 July.

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