Katy Perry's Dancer Falls Off Stage At BRIT Awards

  • Written by  Emily Oswin
  • Thursday, 23 February 2017 14:52
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Katy Perry's 2017 BRIT Awards performance has suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction with one of her back-up dancers (dressed as a house) falling off the stage and into the crowd.

It's quite ironic, particularly when the words of her single 'Chained To The Rhythm' are: 'Living our lives through a lens, trapped in our white-picket fence... so comfortable, we cannot see the trouble.'

Well, this poor, little, white house was neither comfortable nor could see the trouble ahead of it... as the costume was lacking eye holes. Oh dear.

But Katy's not the only one to suffer from wardrobe malfunctions on stage.

Earlier this month, Britney Spears was performing in Las Vegas and popped a tit mid song after her shiny leotard slipped a little too far out.

Swifty has had her fair share of wardrobe dilemmas after she endured a real life 'Marilyn Monroe moment' where her dress flew up exposing her 'oh so sexy' nude-coloured shapewear.

Even the Biebs has copped an embarrassing moment after the elastic in his leather pants gave way to reveal his also 'delicious' looking tighty-whities while on stage.

Bieber Pants

One thing that they all have in common though, was the ability to continue the performance like absolute rock stars. Perhaps karma got the better of them after 'imagining the crowd in their underwear' trick fell through.


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