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Jessica Mauboy has had an extremely successful career since her rise to fame in 2006 thanks to 'Australian Idol'.

It's almost hard to remember where it all started because it seems so insignificant compared to what she's achieved since, but her humble beginnings were at the centre of her All The Hits Live tour at Brisbane Convention Centre.

Isaiah Firebrace, winner of Australia's 'X-Factor' 2016, opened for Jess. His strong, raw vocals were not distracted by visuals or overpowering instrumentals; two musicians joined him to play the music as he bared his soul in front of a curtain. It was an understated but impressive beginning to a big night.

Jessica Mauboy entered regally. It was time to kick off a glittering night of pop gold and solid vocals, split into sections by video interludes about her life up to now. She was joined on stage by a full band and two energetic back-up singers who danced and sang the night away with her.

One of the highlights of the show was when the curtain was pulled across the stage and the songstress sat with her bandmates to sing classic country and rock songs, including 'Words' by the Bee Gees and 'Flame Trees' by Cold Chisel. It felt like a cool night around a warm campfire: Jess told stories and sang snippets, images of the Australian outback were projected on the curtain behind her...

In the thick of a pop concert full of catchy electronic verses and powerhouse choruses, this was a stunning tribute to her roots, and a heartwarming acknowledgment of where it all began.

We listened as she belted out hits like 'Burn', 'Up/Down', 'Get Em Girls', 'Been Waiting' and 'Can I Get A Moment'; each separated into the corresponding eras of her life.

It was almost a musical. A story, a timeline. The visual and aural journey of a genuine Australian talent.

Of course, it ended on a huge high, as she was joined by Isaiah to sing a beautiful rendition of 'Galaxy' (which originally features Stan Walker) and got the audience dancing with 'This Ain't Love' and 'Pop A Bottle'.

On top of the constant flow of dance-worthy hits, there was also countless costume changes. At the end of the show Jess came out wearing a flowing, puffy pink dress, and as the next song began it was torn away to reveal a clear plastic-looking number underneath, before that too was removed to unveil another outfit. Quick change never slayed so much.

She bowed, said farewell, and the band walked off stage as the house lights came up. Will Smith's 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' played as the audience made their way out of the venue, but Jess remained at the mic singing along with the song. It was a hilarious end to a great show.

The only negative in this showcase of Australian pop mastery was the sound. Jess's vocals overpowered the music by far too much, and it felt unbalanced and almost too loud. This was through no fault of her own, however, and can only be viewed as a technical issue.

Her stage presence, faultless voice and appreciation for the crowd's love made for a fun night full of toe-tapping music that left me on a high.


Jessica Mauboy plays Jupiters Hotel on 11 April and Darwin Convention Centre on 15 April.

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